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01 May, 2024
Posted by Scott Hanna
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Can General Contractors Do Electrical Work?

Imagine you’re in the middle of renovating your home and everything is going well. Your general contractor has been managing everything smoothly until you come across some electrical work that needs to be done. Now you’re unsure whether your contractor can handle the electrical tasks or if you need to hire a specialist. In the state of Florida, electricians are required to have an electrical license to complete any form of electrical work. Finding a certified electrician is an important step in utilizing best practices when servicing your home.  

This article discusses what general contractors can and can’t do when it comes to electrical work. Let’s find out if your contractor is up to the task or if you need to bring in the experts.


General Contractors’ Limitations With Electrical Work

General contractors may not be the best choice for your electrical works due to the following reasons: 


1. Legal Constraints

Several state and federal laws prevent general contractors from working on electrical projects. These regulations clearly define the scope of their work. Stepping outside these boundaries can result in fines or other serious legal consequences. In Florida, an individual must have an electrical license in order to complete electric services. However, each state and municipalities can have different rules and regulations.


2. Safety Concerns

Electrical work comes with risks such as electric shock, fires, and damage to equipment. General contractors who are not properly trained may not follow safety guidelines, which can lead to accidents and injuries on construction sites. In the state of Florida, electricians are required to be certified by the state before completing any electrical work.


3. Lack of Expertise

General contractors often have little understanding of electrical principles and codes. Consequently, they’ll likely do substandard installations which can be costly to rework. Moreover, their work will likely compromise the structural integrity of the building, putting all the occupants at risk.


Which Electrical Works Can a General Contractor Do?

Even though they don’t handle complex and large-scale electrical work, general contractors can still help with electrical work in the following ways: 


1. Basic Electrical Tasks

General contractors can typically handle simple electrical tasks such as installing switches and outlets, or changing dimming and flickering lights. They may also install ceiling fans or mount television brackets.


2. Collaboration with Subcontractors

General contractors play a vital role in coordinating electrical work by hiring licensed electricians or subcontractors who specialize in electrical installations. They supervise the subcontractors to guarantee that the electrical work meets project requirements and quality standards.


When Do You Need a Professional Electrician?

Here are the top signs  you should hire a professional electrician: 


1. Complex Electrical Projects

Professional electricians are necessary for complex tasks such as rewiring a building, upgrading electrical panels, or installing intricate electrical systems. Since they have the proper training, they’ll be able to make a correct installation while adhering to building codes, and the safety of people and property. In the state of Florida, electricians are required to be certified by the state before completing any electrical work. The next time you’re looking for an electrician make sure they are certified! 


2. Safety Critical Tasks 

Tasks involving high-voltage electrical systems, electrical safety inspections, or repairs in hazardous environments require the skills of trained electricians. They can safely handle this equipment, minimizing the risk of electric shock or fires.



In most cases, you’ll need the help of a licensed electrician to handle electrical work in your home or office. While it may be tempting to opt for a quick fix, remember that the risks are not worth it. Hire a professional instead and rest assured your electrical work will not compromise your safety.

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