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463688 State Rd 200 Yulee, FL 32097

Transformer Installation Services

Trust the experts at SOS Electric for all your transformer installation needs, whether you require voltage step-up or step-down services.

Expert Transformer Installation

No matter the size of the transformer you need, SOS Electric provides reliable installation services. Our professionals can assist in determining the ideal transformer type for your facility, whether it’s large or small.

Types of Transformers:

Pad Mount Transformer:
Found in neighborhoods and outside buildings, mounted on concrete slabs or pads. Widely used in industrial, business, and home applications, these transformers are easily accessible for maintenance.
Indoor Distribution Transformer:
Installed in a dry, secure environment within a sealed enclosure, these transformers convert high-voltage electricity to a low-voltage supply suitable for powering electrical equipment.
Isolation Transformer:
Safeguards sensitive electronic equipment from power surges and reduces electrical noise. Isolation transformers can provide either a voltage step-up or step-down and isolate electrical circuits from each other without a ground circuit.
Specialty Transformers:
Tailored to unique applications and environments with additional protections. Ideal for delicate scenarios like oxygenated environments or surgery suites where current arcing and leakage are not permitted

Professional Installation for Your Business

For professional transformer installation tailored to your business or facility, contact SOS Electric. Our team of licensed, insured electricians specializes in installing various transformer types in diverse environments. We can provide valuable insights into the best transformer for your specific electrical needs.

Why Choose SOS Electrical?

With SOS Electrical by your side, you won’t face electrical challenges alone. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your peace of mind, any time of day or night. We offer highly trained and licensed electricians available 24/7.


Our skilled professionals deliver safe, affordable, and durable electrical services.


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Transparent pricing means no surprises—just clear, written quotes.

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Homeowners and business owners rely on SOS Electrical for transparent quotes, punctual service, and 24-hour support. We handle everything from emergency electrical issues to home EV charging stations, house rewiring, and upgrades