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463688 State Rd 200 Yulee, FL 32097

Transfer Switch Installation Services

Ensure the safety of your home or business during power outages with professional transfer switch installation services by SOS Electric.

Versatile Transfer Switch Solutions

SOS Electric provides expert transfer switch installation to safeguard your property during outages. Trust our skilled electricians for comprehensive electrical services, including various upgrades, installations, and inspections.

Applications of Transfer Switches

Transfer switches are essential components, especially when paired with backup generators. Homes, businesses, and industrial facilities rely on transfer switches to seamlessly transition to backup power during outages. To secure your property in all weather conditions, contact SOS Electric for reliable transfer switch or backup generator installations.

Utility to Generator Setup

For most homeowners and small businesses, the standard setup involves the electric service (utility) and a standby generator. When the primary power source fails, the backup generator, controlled by the transfer switch, ensures uninterrupted power. Common outage causes include lightning strikes and severe weather events like blizzards.

Dual Utility Configuration

A dual utility setup involves an automatic transfer switch managing power flow from two different utility services. While it can help maintain power in case of a transformer issue, severe weather can still disrupt it. SOS Electric’s skilled electricians can assist in choosing the right transfer switch option for your needs.

Generator to Generator Arrangement

In remote locations where utility power is unavailable, the generator-to-generator setup utilizes dual generators and an automatic transfer switch. This configuration ensures 24/7 power availability as the switch alternates between the two generators.

Backup Generator Services

SOS Electric offers comprehensive backup generator services, including professional installation, repair, and replacement. Ensure uninterrupted power for alarms, computers, electrical appliances, and essential lighting in all weather conditions.

Generator Services Overview

Generator Installation: Our licensed and insured electricians specialize in home backup generator installation, guiding you through equipment selection, permit acquisition, and professional installation.

Generator Repair: If your backup generator exhibits issues like popping, sputtering, coughing, or smoking, our 24/7 emergency repair services ensure a swift resolution.

Generator Replacement: Assessing your generator’s condition, our electricians can determine the best course of action, whether repair or replacement, to ensure continued reliability.

Why Choose SOS Electrical?

With SOS Electrical by your side, you won’t face electrical challenges alone. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your peace of mind, any time of day or night. We offer highly trained and licensed electricians available 24/7.


Our skilled professionals deliver safe, affordable, and durable electrical services.


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Your Trusted Local Electrician

Homeowners and business owners rely on SOS Electrical for transparent quotes, punctual service, and 24-hour support. We handle everything from emergency electrical issues to home EV charging stations, house rewiring, and upgrades