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463688 State Rd 200 Yulee, FL 32097

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Ensure the safety of your family from fires and hazardous CO2 leaks with professional installation of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors by SOS Electric

Professionally Installed Safety Detectors

Rest easy with SOS Electric’s installation of high-quality smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Relying solely on your nose or existing detectors might not be enough. SOS Electric offers expert installation services, providing functional and reliable detectors to enhance safety in your home and business

Types of Smoke Detectors

When it comes to safety, SOS Electric understands the importance of effective smoke detectors. We install various types, including heat detectors, dual-sensor detectors, ionization smoke detectors, photoelectric smoke detectors, and more. Our electricians conduct inspections to determine the best detector type and optimal placement for your specific needs.

Types of Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide is often undetectable, making detectors crucial. SOS Electric installs carbon monoxide detectors with digital displays, voice alerts, wireless options, and more. Our trusted electricians ensure the installation of modern CO2 detectors that suit your space perfectly.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Signs

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning is essential for taking timely action. While prevention is key, knowing the symptoms—such as headache, dizziness, weakness, nausea, confusion, and more—can prompt necessary measures. If carbon monoxide poisoning is suspected, immediate evacuation and professional medical attention are crucial.

What to Do if Your Carbon Monoxide Detector Sounds

If your carbon monoxide detector goes off:

  1. Move everyone outdoors.
  2. Call 911 or your local fire department for emergency assistance.
  3. Seek prompt medical attention for anyone with symptoms.
  4. Schedule a follow-up inspection with an electrician once the situation is resolved.

SOS Electric can inspect and service gas and oil furnaces, filters, HVAC systems, and flues. We offer comprehensive installation of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home or business, ensuring optimal safety.

Why Choose SOS Electrical?

With SOS Electrical by your side, you won’t face electrical challenges alone. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your peace of mind, any time of day or night. We offer highly trained and licensed electricians available 24/7.


Our skilled professionals deliver safe, affordable, and durable electrical services.


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Transparent pricing means no surprises—just clear, written quotes.

Your Trusted Local Electrician

Homeowners and business owners rely on SOS Electrical for transparent quotes, punctual service, and 24-hour support. We handle everything from emergency electrical issues to home EV charging stations, house rewiring, and upgrades