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463688 State Rd 200 Yulee, FL 32097

Range, Dryer, and AC Outlets

SOS Electric ensures the safe and efficient operation of high-powered appliances by installing dedicated circuits and specialized outlets.

For appliances like your range, dryer, and AC units to operate safely and efficiently, dedicated circuits and specialized outlets are a must. SOS Electric understands the importance of these installations, providing you with peace of mind and uninterrupted service from your essential appliances.

Dedicated Circuits and Specialized Outlets

Unlike standard outlets, range, dryer, and AC outlets are designed for high-powered appliances, requiring dedicated circuits. Attempting to power these devices through regular outlets risks overloading circuits and poses serious safety hazards. SOS Electric’s team of experts ensures the proper installation of dedicated circuits and outlets, catering to the unique electrical requirements of your appliances.

Code Compliance

Modern kitchens, laden with power-hungry devices like ranges and refrigerators, often require specific dedicated circuits. Ranges, for example, need a 220-volt outlet. Laundry rooms should have dedicated circuits for washers and dryers, adhering to the National Electrical Code’s requirement for 4-prong dryer outlets in new home construction.

Air conditioners also demand special attention, with the size of the unit determining the appropriate circuit. SOS Electric’s experts can assess your existing systems, providing guidance on necessary upgrades to meet electrical codes.

Avoiding Overloads and Hazards

Overloaded circuits and outlets can lead to electrical fires or damage your appliances, particularly with high-powered devices like ranges, dryers, and air conditioners. SOS Electric assesses the condition of your existing specialty outlets, making necessary upgrades to reduce the risk of electrical hazards.

Efficiency and Convenience

Properly installed outlets not only enhance safety but also improve the functionality of your appliances. Quick heating ranges, faster clothes drying, and efficient cooling from your AC lead to time and energy savings, translating to lower utility bills. SOS Electric’s experienced electricians are dedicated to optimizing your range, dryer, and AC outlets for peak performance.

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