463688 State Rd 200 Yulee, FL 32097
463688 State Rd 200 Yulee, FL 32097

Power Consumption Meters

Eliminate surprises from your electric bill with SOS’s professional installation of power consumption meters.

A power consumption meter provides crucial insights into your energy usage, offering precise data to help reduce costs and eliminate wasted energy. SOS’s skilled electricians specialize in the professional installation of power meters for homes and businesses, aiding in carbon footprint reduction and identifying potential power issues.

Indicators You Might Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade

Do you have aluminum wiring, warm electrical panels, or a property constructed over twenty years ago? If so, an electrical panel upgrade might be necessary. Frequent electrical issues signal the need for a professional assessment and a strategic plan for a secure way forward. SOS Electric is here to assist.

Power Consumption Meter Benefits

Boost Energy Efficiency
Identify and address the “vampire load” by monitoring energy usage, ensuring
optimal efficiency, and identifying potential issues with appliances or machinery.
Save Money
Detailed insights from your power meter empower you to power off energy-draining
devices, detect appliance issues, and accumulate significant savings over time.
Develop Eco-Friendly Habits
Track and adjust energy consumption habits for both economic and environmental
benefits, fostering a sense of empowerment and eco-conscious living.

Why Choose SOS Electrical?

With SOS Electrical by your side, you won’t face electrical challenges alone. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your peace of mind, any time of day or night. We offer highly trained and licensed electricians available 24/7.


Our skilled professionals deliver safe, affordable, and durable electrical services.


Your time matters. If we’re late, we waive your dispatch fee.


Transparent pricing means no surprises—just clear, written quotes.

Your Reliable Local Electrician

Homeowners and business owners trust SOS for transparent quotes, punctual service, and round-the-clock availability. Our services cover everything from addressing emergency electrical issues to installing home EV charging stations, as well as house rewiring and upgrades.