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463688 State Rd 200 Yulee, FL 32097

Install and Repair for Ceiling Fans and Attic Fans

For expert assistance in installing, repairing, or troubleshooting ceiling fans or attic fans, turn to the reliable professionals at SOS Electric.

Install and Repair for Ceiling and Attic Fans

Enhance your home’s comfort and energy efficiency with the right fan. Whether you require repairs or a new installation, SOS Electric is available 24/7 to ensure your ceiling and attic fans are operating optimally, providing efficient heating and cooling solutions.

Ceiling and Attic Fan Services

Let our team of licensed electricians manage your ceiling or attic fan installation, upgrades, or replacements. We specialize in helping you select the ideal fixtures to enhance cooling, maintain air circulation, and achieve energy savings.

Ceiling Fan Repair

f your fan is wobbly, noisy, or not performing as expected, SOS Electric can help. We’ll assess whether an upgrade would be more cost-effective, ensuring your fans contribute to both heating and cooling savings.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Improperly installed ceiling fans can pose risks such as sparks, shocks, or fire hazards. Let SOS Electric handle the installation, guiding you in choosing the right fan to optimize comfort and savings in your home.

Attic Fan Repair

A malfunctioning attic fan hinders efficiency. SOS Electric’s professional electricians can restore your attic fan to peak performance, efficiently eliminating trapped heat and enhancing your home’s overall energy efficiency

Attic Fan Installation

Attic fans play a crucial role in cooling your home and reducing the load on your HVAC system. SOS Electric specializes in quick and efficient attic fan installations, helping lower attic temperatures, eliminate excess moisture, and reduce your electricity bills.

Attic and Ceiling Fan Troubleshooting

SOS Electric is your solution for optimizing home comfort and energy efficiency. Whether it’s replacement, repair, installation, or troubleshooting for ceiling or attic fans, we’ve got you covered. Below are common issues you might encounter.

Fan Does Not Turn On

Various issues, from a thrown breaker to a burned-up motor or loose wire, can cause a fan to be inoperable. Our licensed electricians can quickly and safely determine the root cause.

Flickering Light

A flickering fan light may be due to a loose filament, connection, imbalanced fan blades, or electrical overload. SOS Electric can identify and address these issues promptly.

Vibrating or Wobbly Fan

Improperly installed fans are hazardous. SOS Electric ensures balanced fan blades and correct installation, eliminating the risk of breakage or falls.

Noisy Ceiling Fan Operation

Excessive noise can be caused by worn bearings or loose connections. Our electricians can identify the cause and provide solutions for a quieter operation.

Types of Fans

Whether you have a specific fan in mind or need assistance in choosing, SOS Electric is here to help with expertise in various fan types. Below are some common in-home fans.

DC Ceiling Motor Fan:
Highly energy-efficient, DC ceiling fans can save up to70% compared to AC motor fans, offering a sleek and stylish addition to any space.

Gable Fan:
Mounted at the attic gable, gable fans circulate air in the attic,effectively expelling hot, humid air.

Exhaust/Ventilation Fan:
Found in kitchens and bathrooms, these fans quickly improve air quality by removing smoke, odors, and moisture.

Smart Fan:
Packed with innovative features like voice controls and WiFi connectivity, smart fans offer a modern and convenient upgrade for your home.

Remote-Controlled Fan:
Available for wall-mounted, ceiling, and attic fans,remote-controlled options provide easy adjustments for operation, lights, and speed.

Whole House Fan:
Installed at the highest point of the house, these fans are recommended for homes in dry, cool regions with significant night time temperature dips. They require open windows to remove heat and cool the home.

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