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Home EV Charger Installation

Drive into the future with professional home EV charger installation by SOS Electric’s skilled team.

Home EV Charger Installation

Home EV charging docks are the epitome of convenience, cost-effectiveness, and safety. Electric vehicle owners who seek a seamless charging experience agree: a home EV charging station is a necessity. Avoid the “range anxiety” of not knowing where or when you’ll find your next charge.

Public EV Charging Challenges:

Public charging can be problematic, with issues that may take time to resolve as charging networks expand. SOS Electric understands these challenges and recommends the reliability and efficiency of a home charging solution.

Many Stations Don’t Work:
Public charging stations can be fast, but reliabilityremains an issue. Maintenance problems persist, leading to payment refusal,disabled stations, or mid-charge interruptions.

Apps are a Hassle:
Managing charging sessions through various apps fordifferent stations can be cumbersome, requiring downloads and waitingtimes.

Poor Driver Etiquette:
Rushed individuals may unknowingly unplug yourvehicle mid-charge, making public charging more troublesome.

Safety Concerns:
Night charging at remote stations can be intimidating,raising concerns about personal safety and the vulnerability of the vehicle.

Home EV Charging Station Benefits:

SOS Electric specializes in installing Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), providing you with complete control over your home charging experience.

Convenient and Safe:
Overnight charging at home is the easiest and safestway to maintain your EV’s charge. Professionally installed home chargingstations are user-friendly and versatile, catering to various passenger EVmodels.

Better for Your Battery:
Home charging at a controlled pace helps preserveyour battery, avoiding the rapid degradation associated with fast publiccharging.

Less Expensive:
Home charging is more cost-effective, allowing you to takeadvantage of off-peak hours when electricity rates are lower, unlike thepremium rates often associated with public Level 3 DC fast-charging.

Boost Your Home’s Value:
With the rising demand for EV-friendly homes,installing an EVSE enhances your property’s appeal and value, particularlyamong environmentally conscious buyers.

Common EV Home Charging Questions:

Curious about home EV charging installation? SOS Electric has answers and intelligent solutions.

Is it Worth Installing an EV Charger at Home?
Yes, investing in home EV charger installation is worth it for the convenience,cost savings, and long-term benefits.

Can I Install a Fast EV Charger at Home?
While Level 3 DC fast chargers are for business and industrial use, a home EVcharging specialist can guide you to the correct Level 2 AC charger for yourhome setup.

What is the Procedure to Install EV Charging Stations?
SOS Electric makes getting your home EV charging station simple. Call ourcertified electricians, and we’ll handle the evaluation, permits, electrical panelassessment, charger purchase, and professional installation.

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