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463688 State Rd 200 Yulee, FL 32097

Electrical Code Violations

Concerned about potential electrical code violations in your home or business? SOS Electric can provide reassurance through expert inspections.

Ensure your property is current and code-compliant with SOS Electric. Attempting DIY electrical repairs or installations, especially without a full understanding of electrical codes, can lead to more harm than good. Failure to pass regional and local electrical inspections may decrease property value, result in unsafe wiring, and pose risks to your family.

Common Electrical Code Violations

The National Electrical Code sets the standard for electrical wiring and equipment. SOS Electric, well-versed in intricate electrical codes, can address any issues found during an inspection, ensuring compliance with the law and safeguarding against electrical hazards. Here are some common electrical code violations:

Improperly Configured Panels

Mismatching breakers with wire size and load capacity is a violation. Replacing a circuit breaker with a larger amperage breaker to resolve electrical overload is not only against electrical codes but also poses a fire hazard.

Outdated Connections

Over time, electrical outlets can deteriorate, especially with a higher load. Outdated connections may result in dimming and flickering lights, accompanied by discolored switch plates and outlets, warm outlets, frequently tripped breakers, or a burning smell from a specific appliance.

Outdated Wiring

Homes built before 1970 may have outdated wiring, such as knob and tube wiring, considered unsafe today. SOS Electric can inspect and upgrade your wiring to meet current code standards.

Overcrowding Wires

Overcrowding, with too many wires in an electrical box, leads to friction, tearing, and fraying of insulation. Exposed wires behind walls present a safety risk and violate electrical codes.

No Neutral Wires

Lack of neutral wires in older homes violates electrical codes. Neutral wires provide a safe route back to an electrical panel, and their absence can compromise safety.

Insufficient Receptacles

National Electrical Code mandates outlets approximately every twelve feet. Lack of receptacles often leads to the unsafe use of extension cords and power strips, violating electrical codes.

Electrical Checkups

Electrical safety checkups are crucial for preventing electrical failures and home fires. SOS Electric specializes in safety checkups, ensuring compliance with national electrical codes and developing strategies for making your property code-compliant.

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