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463688 State Rd 200 Yulee, FL 32097

Circuit Breaker Repairs and Upgrades

Trust SOS Electrical for expert circuit breaker repairs and fuse box upgrades to ensure the safety of your home or business.

f your current electrical system is struggling to meet your demands, it’s time to take notice. Contact SOS Electrical for a prompt and professional evaluation of your circuit breakers and fuses. Our expert services, including evaluation, repair, and upgrades, are available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Electrical Panel Upgrades and Additions

The most energy-consuming elements in your home or business include:


  1. Older, inefficient lighting
  2. Air conditioning
  3. Wet appliances like washing machines and dishwashers
  4. Cold appliances like fridges and freezers
  5. Cooking appliances like the stove, oven, and microwave
  6. Consumer electronics like laptops, TVs, and game consoles

Ideally, your current electrical system seamlessly manages these items. However, if you observe any warning signs below, it might be time for an upgrade.

Warning Signs

Frequently Tripped Circuit Breakers


  1. Occasional tripping is normal, but regular occurrences indicate excessive demands on your circuit.
  2. If your house or business has too few circuits, consider an electrical panel upgrade.

Circuit Breaker Buzzing

  1. A faint buzzing is normal, but louder buzzing, sizzling, or sparks indicate
    potential hazards.
  2. Contact SOS Electrical immediately for inspection and necessary repairs.

Dimming Lights When Appliances Run


  1. Regularly dimming lights while using appliances suggest an overloaded circuit.
  2. There’s a limit to how much power your electrical circuit can draw, and dimming lights indicate reaching that limit.

Whole Home Rewiring

Older homes may require complete rewiring to meet modern electricity demands. The strain on older homes can lead to hazardous conditions, but our professional electricians can evaluate your system to ensure safety.

Aluminum Wiring

Homes built between 1965 and 1973 often have aluminum wiring, which can increase the risk of a house fire. Contact SOS Electrical for a thorough inspection and guidance on moving forward safely.

Knob-and-Tube Wiring

Common in homes built between 1880 and the 1930s, knob-and-tube wiring, while not inherently unsafe, becomes riskier with age. Older electrical systems are more prone to causing fires than modern wiring.

Why Choose SOS Electrical?

With SOS Electrical by your side, you won’t face electrical challenges alone. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your peace of mind, any time of day or night. We offer highly trained and licensed electricians available 24/7.


Our skilled professionals deliver safe, affordable, and durable electrical services.


Your time matters. If we’re late, we waive your dispatch fee.


Transparent pricing means no surprises—just clear, written quotes.

Your Trusted Local Electrician

Homeowners and business owners rely on SOS Electrical for transparent quotes, punctual service, and 24-hour support. We handle everything from emergency electrical issues to home EV charging stations, house rewiring, and upgrades